About Us

Sarah and Toni created First4Maths in October 2011, after working together as consultants for 7 years. Through working together they have developed a shared vision for the development of mathematics in the schools in which they work.  

Sarah and Toni are passionate about ensuring that teachers enjoy the teaching of mathematics so that this creates a love of mathematics for the children that they work with.  There is currently a wealth of resources available to support the teaching of mathematics which at times can become overwhelming. A key aim for Sarah and Toni is that teachers have a clear understanding of the journey through each topic in mathematics and how to select the most appropriate resources to make this exciting and meaningful for both teachers and children.

Within their role as consultants, Sarah and Toni have supported a wide range of schools, from those that are in a vulnerable position to those that are looking to further enhance their outstanding practice. Within these different circumstances they have been able to provide support tailored to the needs of the school and have had a positive impact on standards and quality of delivery of mathematics. Sarah and Toni have gained the trust and respect of the teachers that they have worked with by setting out clear expectations for changes needed and by modelling the effective practice that is required to bring about improvements in the standards and delivery of mathematics. 

Sarah and Toni both hold the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) and work effectively with Senior Leadership Teams to plan strategic programmes of support. They have previously worked alongside each other as class teachers and teach lessons in collaboration with teachers and teaching assistants as part of their consultancy work.  They are passionate about ensuring that their training remains up to date with current classroom practice and initiatives.

Our Team

Sarah Skelley - Mathematics Consultant

Sarah enjoyed her teaching career working in a range of schools with different contexts. As a consultant, she has provided effective support to teachers and Senior Leaders to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of effective teaching and learning of mathematics.

Toni Priddey - Mathematics Consultant

Toni has been a Mathematics Subject Leader, Assessment Lead and Gifted and Talented coordinator. During her time as a class teacher she gained a Post Graduate Qualification in Gifted and Talented Education and has used this work to support the development of training to ensure effective challenge for all children.

Laura Brown – Mathematics Consultant

Laura has worked as a class teacher in Merseyside and Cheshire for 14 years, teaching across KS1 and KS2. She worked at Tarvin Primary School from 2007 – 2019 and was the lead for mathematics from 2009. During her role she led many large, whole school projects leading to a rise in progress and attainment. Laura is passionate about the teaching and learning of mathematics and has a desire to see all children grow, develop and achieve their potential as confident and engaged mathematicians. Laura is proud to have been given the title of ‘maths geek’ by her colleagues and is excited to be able to share her enthusiasm with teachers as part of her role consultancy role with First4Maths.

Julie Lush – Mathematics Consultant

Julie has worked as a class teacher in Chester schools for 15 years and has taught most year groups with a focus on the younger age group. She has been responsible for progress across school as the KS1 phase leader and Maths coordinator. Julie is passionate about finding creative, cross-curricular ways to include Maths in other subjects and to link as many Maths lessons as possible to the topic that teachers are currently working on. She is excited to be able to create resources to support teachers with developing a creative curriculum as part of her consultancy role with First4Maths.

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